Coming Soon: A Kyokushin Beginner’s Guide by Nathan Ligo


This new book by Nathan Ligo is currently being edited and we hope it will  be available on Amazon within a few months. The subtitle is “Replicating Mas Oyama’s Budo Karate in the Western Dojo.” This blog, Budo Karate West, has partially been created in order to create a forum in which readers can ask questions or discuss points made within. Here’s the start of the book’s Introduction:

This book is intended to prepare the beginning student, and to better empower the intermediate one, for learning Budo karate in the Kyokushin dojo of the West. Such preparation is beneficial because of the cultural differences that exist between Japan, where Budo is an inherent part of the national persona, and your Western country where some of the ideals integral to Budo karate training are not always so easy to grasp. Read this, and you will be better empowered to learn karate as it is best learned. Adopt the principles contained within – avoid the pitfalls away from which this book will warn you! – and the attitude with which you train will have a better chance of developing into something that would have fit in Mas Oyama’s world headquarters dojo. In short, your karate training experience will be more rewarding, and you will be made stronger by following the more authentic path.

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