Dojo Bulletin Board – Students’ Need to Know


1. MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND there are 2 closings. It’s almost a normal schedule but there will be no Saturday class in Chapel hill, and no Monday classes in Chapel Hill. The Durham schedule is unaffected. There IS Saturday class in Durham and CH members are welcome to go there. From Tuesday, everything is 100% normal. 

2. please make sure you try to train at least 2x per week 


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This page has been created to get information to Ligo Dojo students about things that you need to know. We can update it quickly to add announcements, schedule changes, policy changes, upcoming events, closings due to weather, etc. We strongly recommend that you refer to this page frequently, certainly those times that you wonder when the next belt test or tournament is, or “whether or not there will be class tonight” on this or that holiday.

Class Schedule Chapel Hill:

1. Chapel Hill4:00 pm to 5:20, M-F children 12 and under (over 12 may attend but this class is designated as a kids’ class)

2. Chapel Hill 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, M,W,F. Adults’ class (Designation actually based on height. 13 and up may be admitted without parent, provided teen students who attend this class endeavor to be 2 out of 3 of them per week. The only children under 13 who attend this class are children of the adults who also attend the class. I.e. if you see a 10-year-old in this class, it’s because his/her mom or dad is present.) Sensei Ligo endeavors to teach all three of these classes.

3. Chapel Hill 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm T,Th, and 5 pm Saturday. All ages welcome these nights.

Class Schedule Durham:

1. Durham 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm T,Th, and 5 pm Saturday. All ages welcome these nights. (We have temporarily consolidated 6 Durham classes per week to 3, in order to concentrate lessons on larger groups of students. Sensei Ligo endeavors to teach class on Thursday nights, so all students should endeavor to be present.

Durham students may attend Chapel Hill classes, and vice versa, provided it is an age appropriate class.

Training Requirements:

All students should set 2 trainings per week as the bare minimum. 2 classes per week makes only 8 per month, so students who miss class one week due to illness or travel, should endeavor to get in a minimum of 8 times per month, which means attending 3 or 4 some weeks to make up for the classes missed. 24 classes in three months (8 per month) is a minimum requirement for promotion at our quarterly belt tests.

There is a special requirement for attendance for the two weeks following quarterly belt tests. Students who do not attend 2 classes per week during these two weeks will not be promoted.

Recent Ligo Dojo Promotions

Black belt “degrees” are known as “dan” in Japanese, 1st dan, 2nd dan, etc. Colored belts count downwards as one approaches 1st dan in “kyu” ranks. 1st kyu is brown belt with black stripe, for example, 10th kyu is orange belt. Please see the below chart.

1st Dan Black Belt
1st kyu Brown Belt Black Stripe
2nd kyu Brown Belt
3rd kyu Green Belt Brown Stripe
4th kyu Green Belt
5th kyu Yellow Belt Green Stripe
6th kyu Yellow Belt
7th kyu Blue Belt Yellow Stripe
8th kyu Blue Belt
9th kyu Orange Belt  Blue Stripe
10 kyu Orange Belt
(11) White Belt orange stripe
0 White Belt

Promotions are listed below. “5 to 3” indicates the students was promoted from 5th kyu to 3rd kyu as per the above chart, etc.

A “3 month” notation means that there was an attendance consideration for that student since the requirement for promotion is a minimum of 8 attendances per month for 3 months (total 24) since the last test. Many new students that just started in the past 3 months will not meet this requirement.

A “two week” notation means that there was an attendance consideration for that student since the requirement for promotion is a minimum of 2 attendances per week for the two weeks following the belt test. Remember that your not attending regularly after a belt test puts your teacher in an uncomfortable bind, because he wants to promote you, but he has told you that you will not be promoted unless you meet this requirement.

**Remember that the above-all consideration for promoting students through kyu ranks is attitude, behavior and leadership. You could have the best kata or kumite in the world and you still might not be promoted if you are being a poor role model for your koohais in the dojo.

**All students 13 years and older must register their e-mail address on this blog page by entering it in the “follow” field at the right and clicking on “follow.” There is a step 2. The student will then receive an e-mail, and there is a second step explained by that e-mail. It’s very simple, and we can see when your e-mail is registered. Belts will not be awarded until we see your e-mail address registered. Students are also encouraged to follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Chapel Hill Dojo

  1. Alvin 0 to 10, 3 month
  2. Eric 0 to 11
  3. Kellie no promotion, 3 month
  4. Julie 0 to 10
  5. Jessica 0 to 9
  6. Luiz 0 to 10
  7. Jalen 0 to 11
  8. Asami 0 to 11, two week
  9. Riku 0 to 11
  10. Michael 0 to 11, 3 month
  11. Terri 0 to 10
  12. Adolfo 0 to 9
  13. Janaki 9 to 7
  14. Dylan 9 to 7
  15. Conner 10 to 9
  16. Ann 9 to 7
  17. Alex 8 to 7
  18. Farah 8 to 7
  19. Shannon 8 to 7, 2 week
  20. Julien 7 to 6
  21. Zeph 8 to 5
  22. Rashun 8 to 7, 3 month
  23. Darron 7 to 5
  24. Alan 8 to 7
  25. RJ no promotion, 3 month
  26. Samuel 4 to 3
  27. Jocylyn 4 to 3
  28. Leslie 4 to 3
  29. Bryan 0 to 10
  30. Aki no promotion, 2 week
  31. Tomo 8 to 7

Durham Dojo

  1. Pamela 0 to 10
  2. Jarius 0 to 9
  3. Deric 0 to 10
  4. Khimani 0 to 9
  5. Marc 0 to 10
  6. Natalie 0 to 10
  7. Mercedes 0 to 10
  8. Bryan 0 to 10
  9. Hemilson 0 to 10
  10. Maria 0 to 10
  11. Thomas 9 to 7
  12. Katherine 10 to 8
  13. Timothy 10 to 9
  14. Amanda 10 to 8
  15. Basan 6 to 4
  16. Ghasam 6 to 4
  17. Chris M 6 to 5
  18. Johnathon no promotion, 3 month
  19. Richard no promotion, 3 month
  20. Jean 8 to 7

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