Blackbelt Magazine Article about Mas Oyama by Nathan Ligo


One of my earliest forays into published writing was this Blackbelt Magazine Article that ran in 1994. I was at Davidson College soon after the two years I spent in Japan. The article begins:

The Japanese refer to Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin Karate as kenka karate, meaning “brawling” or “brutal” karate. But Mas Oyama tells is students “Baka! Kenka karate ja-nai! Budo Karate da!” which translates to “Fool! This is not brawling karate! It’s budo karate!”

Click here to see the whole article:  Blackbelt Magazine Article about Mas Oyama by Nathan Ligo.  This a high resolution PDF, so it may take a moment to open.







8 thoughts on “Blackbelt Magazine Article about Mas Oyama by Nathan Ligo

  1. Osu Sensei Ligo:
    Thank you very much for opening this blog. In this case, I would like to request you if you can send me the Article via email in a High resolution so I can print it and post it in my Dojo here in Port St. Lucie, Florida. This article is great for those students that have no idea who was Sosai Mas Oyama. .
    Sensei Omar

    • Sensei, It will take me a little time. The article is 20 years old and I have a copy of it somewhere in storage. I will have to scan it to make high res copies. The only copy I could find on line through a google search was this low rez one. I will see what I can do. Thank you! Osu!

  2. OSU Sensei Ligo. Could I also get a high quality copy of this article for a research paper I’m doing on Sosai Oyama? It would mean very much to me. Thank you!

  3. Anthony, click on the link above in green below the first photo and you can see a full-size PDF version of the article (the whole magazine, in fact). This should suffice for your research. Thank you for reading! Osu!

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